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So, six months have flown by insanely fast since I last updated Meet the Makers. It’s a been a flurry of working for The London Artisan on Sundays and my teaching job Monday-Friday, as well as my ongoing work for The Holborn magazine. All great stuff, but certainly enough to put the blog on the backburner.  However, I am now intently working with a creative coach and graphic designer, as well as starting a freelance journalism course AND I’m taking part in Blogging Your Way’s latest course ‘Blog Power’ to brainstorm ways to rebrand, relaunch and renew everything around here. Don’t give up on me just yet,  and check out my Pinterest which I’ve spend loads of time on recently and gives a bit of a clue about where I’m heading next….    Read More

Embroidery / Interviews

Kiriki Press embroidery kits | Interview


interview kiriki press meet the makers cover

If you’ve seen Issue 50 of ‘Mollie Makes‘, this little chappy might look familiar. Designed by Michelle  Galletta of Kiriki Press, he’s as smart as he is cute as what he actually wants to do is teach you all about embroidery. Sadly, he doesn’t have his own YouTube channel but he does come all neatly packaged up with clear instructions on how to create the different stitches that make him so special. I met Michelle at the New York Renegade Craft Fair to talk about why she favours creating DIY kits over ready made dolls, how word of mouth helped Kiriki Press flourish and the next embroidery step.    Read More

Illustration / Interviews

Alice Tams, Birds in Hats | Interview


Birds in Hats cover photo

I definitely have a thing for illustration. Add in an animal in a costume and I’m officially in love. Which is why interviewing Alice Tams of Birds in Hats has been on my ‘hitlist’ for a while (in a non-assassination way). Alice’s love for animals in accessories has grown from a joke to a full-time designer-maker business and certainly makes for an inspiring read. I went to visit the ‘Birds in Hats’ creator at the ‘We Make London‘ pop-up in Kentish Town a few weeks ago, where I was really excited to catch Alice working on a new bird to live in the Little House Kitchen cafe there. Read on for some gems of wisdom regarding how to approach that tricky creativity vs. making money debate, her latest project as part of Studio Klubo, and what we can expect her newest animal obsession to be wearing next season…    Read More