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I’m going to assume you’re here because you’re similar to me: high levels of admiration (ok, jealousy) for talented designer-makers who are actively following their passion by turning their creativity into a career. Maybe you’d like to do the same yourself but don’t know where to look for stories to inspire and advise you? Or maybe you’re simply curious (ok, nosy) about other’s lives? Either way, if years of being surrounded by mass-produced, ethically questionable and poor quality design from the high street has left you searching for the story behind the product, you’re in the right place. For Meet the Makers is all about the independents – the makers, the designers, the creatives – who are delivering something not only unique but beautiful and thoughtful too.

So I say: if you can’t join them, meet them instead! Meet the Makers is all about actually meeting these creatives and asking a question or three to find out about their journeys, products, advice, embarrassing anecdotes, anything really that satisfies my curious mind. These interviews will introduce you to some of the most original and beautiful hand-made creations and the people behind them. I strongly believe that everyone has a story to tell and in doing so, a little or a lot of inspiration to give – I can’t wait to share some stories with you!

I’m hoping this will cure me of my jealousy as well.

I’m excited! I hope you are too,

v about

Verity x

PS. Any creators/crafters/artists/artisans, etc who you know or may in fact be, if you fancy talking about you and your work (whether in person or by email), you can leave a comment below, contact me on facebook, twitter or email: verity@meetthemakers.co.uk. You can also find me all over the pinterest, I love it!


About me

In my early 30’s and with no desire to work in a corporate environment (I’ve tried it – I’m not very good at it), I’m instead embracing my curiosity for the world by living elsewhere and trying really hard to get one of those lifestyles where I can work anywhere. Ahh, to be a daydreamer hey? I’m recently returned from a year living in Vietnam where I was teaching English. I did TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in South Korea for a few years previously, where I contributed articles to the amazing Chincha blog (you can see some of them here and here). Seriously, Seoul is super cool, you should go visit. It was here I met lots of people who helped me see not working a 9-5 is actually an option and encouraged me to write – thanks guys!

Prior to all this, I worked in marketing/PR within fashion and luxury environments. Not always as glamorous as it sounds, but I did get to experience some pretty special things along the way. I’ve always had a huge passion for fashion and people doing amazing creative things and have studied both Psychology (for the people aspect) and Fashion Marketing and Promotion (for the industry side). This fashion fascination has slowly morphed into a love for the handmade, crafty and colourful brilliance Meet the Makers is all about.

Some things I like are:

// Reading: all the time, everything. Especially magazines, plus about a million blogs I follow.

// Pets in costume. Because it’s just really, really funny.

// Travelling. I posted pics of my SE Asia travels on Instagram and I have about 11 billion photos still to sort out.

// Hot water bottles. Underrated by far too many people.

// Foods beginning with ‘C’: crisps, chocolate, cheese, cake.




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  1. We are showing at the Clerkenwell Gallery, tomorrow and this weekend. We are jewellers and if you would like to visit our show, we would be delighted to tell you more about our Collective and our work.

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