Interviews with Makers that I didn’t write


Yes, it’s true. There are so many insanely talented people out there that I’m unsurprisingly not the only one interested in a story or two from them. In this not-at-all regular-but-who-knows post, I thought I’d share some other interviews I’ve found that can continue inspiring you beyond Meet the Makers. You are most welcome.

Interviews MTM numbered

1. Gordon Reid // Middle Boop // interviewed by Inky Goodness. I’m into the 80’s styling of his graphics, and the fact he runs a magazine called Middle Boop. He also talks about the importance of taking a break to reinvigorate those creative juices, something I’m finding out about as we speak.

2. Jes Liberty // One Sugar Hill // Interviewed by Folksy. Really interesting chat about the nitty-gritty of running a creative business including tips for setting prices and promoting yourself.

3. Ned Corbett-Winder // Not Another Bill // Interviewed by The Good Web Guide. You already know how much I love Not Another Bill (oh, how I miss my monthly surprises). This gives loads more info. about the behind of the scenes of the company dropping treats through people’s doors. Well worth a read.

4. Lionel Shriver // Author // Interviewed by Oh Comely. When I hear this author’s name, I immediately jump to, ‘We need to talk about Kevin’. Considering I’ve not read the book, this interview seemed like the second best thing (Not really, but what can I do? I’ll read the book soon, honest). She seems like a bit of a tough cookie, but has some interesting nuggets about her opinion of happiness, amongst other things.

5.Renegade Craft Fair // Interviewed by CB2. The worldwide craft fair which allowed me to meet Ladybird Likes, MaMagasin and Passa Paa is branching out of ‘just’ the fair and into new things. Especially exciting for US readers.

I hope these little links will provide you with some inspiration over the weekend. What plans do you have? I’m teaching for the first time in over 12 months tomorrow, ahhh!

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