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What I want: independent shops


There are so many wonderful people and places that support designer-makers that it seems rude not to focus on some independent shops keepin’ it real. (I didn’t pull that off, did I? I’m not street in the slightest). Retailers such as The Pippa & Ike Show stock a super colourful selection of designers online; Nook Shop has both a web and real-life-presence in Stokey, London and Ink & Thread are based in Derby as well as online. I love that these shops all go out of their way to search for interesting, fun and creative items with stories to tell. Here’s a little round up of some of their finest wares, but I highly recommend taking some time to fully explore their offerings & discover a tonne of new designers.

141014 Pippa&Ike Nook Ink&Thread

// ‘Another Escape’ magazine // from Nook Shop // £10 // For those with alternative lifestyles. Not S&M ‘alternative’ though.

// Pegboard // Block @ The Pippa & Ike Show // £40 // Such a genius idea. A place to balance crap!

// Rainy Day card // Urban Graphic @ Ink & Thread // £2.60 // Makes rainy days seem romantic. Well, to me anyway.

// Chevrons letterpress coaster set // Mac & Ninny @ Ink & Thread // £5.95 // A coaster with the most’er (sorry)

// ‘Wrap’ magazine // from Nook Shop // £12 / Includes printed paper to wrap gifts with! Ye-ah.

// Cloud print pencil case/make-up bag // Sukie @ The Pippa & Ike Show // £9.95 // My make-up bag smells of mould.

// ‘Shackelton’s Journey’ illustrated book // by William Grill @ Nook Shop // £14.99 // Beautiful AND educational. Say whaa?


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