Work with me

Feature writing

I love indie magazines and am a keen contributor. If you publish an indie magazine and would like a freelance writer to contribute inspiring interviews and features about independent living and designer-makers, get in touch.

Collaborate on blog posts  @inspire and enjoy

I love featuring independent, ethically made products with a real story on inspire and enjoy. Whether you own an independent design shop, create something beautiful with your own hands or run an event with a similar ethos and passion to inspire and enjoy – get in touch. I love partnering with brands which fit well.

Write about page

More & more people are buying independent & connecting with makers stories. But is sharing your story something which doesn’t come naturally to you? Perhaps you excel at making things by hand but struggle with words? If so, I can write your traditional about page or Q&A interview style page which can be used as part of a media pack for you to send out to media, retailers etc. Within Suffolk: we can meet, have a proper face to face chat which I’ll then transcribe into 1: a simple Q&A 2: a general about page. With this option, you can also have a copy of the audio should you ever wish to share it (or just to get used to the sound of your own voice). Outside Suffolk: we can set up a Skype/FaceTime to ‘meet’ and chat. Includes Q&A and about page version.