5 things cutting and sticking have taught me. Or: an alternative to Pinterest


As anyone who has ever lived with me knows, ‘cutting and sticking’ is one of my favourite hobbies. There is no fancy talent needed to go through old magazines (of which I have many), cut out anything that catches my eye and stick it into a notebook for later inspiration. Whilst in the process of moving recently I discovered 6 half-filled notebooks I’d forgotten about, plus about a foot’s worth of page-tears ‘to be stuck’ As much as Pinterest has answered so many of my online curation needs, there’s still nothing as satisfying as getting nifty with the scissors and glue. I bought one of my notebooks away with me and flicking through it has been ever so informational about the stuff I like. Sounds silly, but day to day you often don’t actively notice what it is that inspires you and by having it in a notebook or 6 you have something to go back to when feeling stuck. To state the bleedin’ obvious, creatives have been using notebooks for forever – both Hannah Felicity Dunne and Emma Calvert mentioned their sketchbooks as somewhere they record everyday inspiration.

Cutting and Sticking hobby

Page from one of my notebooks: I guess I like colour then.

My notebooks contain:

Magazine shoots, either because I love the fashion featured or (usually) I am experiencing photographer envy.

Quotes (the back page in my current notebook states ‘Every exit is an entrance somewhere’).

Anything from the travel section – many pictures of beaches and Buddhas.

Interior design shoots – these are especially dream-worthy right now, considering I currently live in a hotel.

Outfit shots – clothes I would love but cannot buy (maybe one day they’ll turn up on Ebay?)

photo circus stripes

Circus + stripes + great photo = 3 of my favourite things, apparently. (I think this is from an old ‘Marie Claire’)

The main themes I have discovered are that:

  1. I have a weird attraction to circuses.
  2. If I could only be bothered, I would be dressing like a model/Fashion Editor/street style laydee.
  3. I really like stripes. I don’t think this is at all surprising – show me a stripe and I’m sold. See also: plaid.
  4. Similarly, I really love colour, especially bright pinks, purples and yellows (this is surprising).
  5. One day, I’m going to have the most inSANEly stylish house. It will have bright rugs, wooden floors and walls filled with pictures. One day….

For confirmation, I checked out my Pinterest. Yup, both my olde-world style cutting and sticking PIRL ( Pinterest in Real-Life), and my online pinning match up. (OBVIOUSLY I also have makery wonder there too – check it out! Oh, and loads of DIY’s too).

5 things sketchbook Pinterest

Are you also as cool as me at keeping notebooks? Or does Pinterest do it all for you these days? What have your notebooks and Pinterest uncovered about your interests?

Credits: Featured image from this Pin. Collage images from here, here and here.

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