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Interview: Annabelle Lucilla Jewellery


Annabelle Lucilla Jewellery interview Meet the Makers

Pootling my way around MADE London on Sunday P.S. (Pre-Storm, before our power outed for four and a half days…) I spotted THE most beautiful jewellery – delicate, eye-catching and absolutely one of a kind. Immediately drawn to it, I troubled its creator Annabelle Lucilla Hastings for a few minutes of her time and she kindly agreed to answer a couple of questions.

Annabelle Lucilla Hastings Jewellery interview Peacock Necklace Meet the Makers Single Oriental Peacock Pendant // £180

Could you introduce yourself & your work please?

My name’s Annabelle Lucilla and my jewellery brand’s called Annabelle Lucilla Jewellery. I specialise in etchings so I transfer all my illustrations onto metal. I nickname them metallic graphics – they’re all very detailed and they all have a lovely surface texture. I also love to contemporise ancient techniques so lots of my work is very detailed. Very bold as well.

So how you do you go from drawing an illustration to creating a piece of jewellery?

Well, I use a special technique called etching – you have to transfer your image, your illustration, onto special film which is then transferred onto metal. And then the acids eat away where the lines of your drawing are. How long does that take? To create a bespoke piece would take about 2 to 3 hours.

Annabelle Lucilla Hastings Jewellery interview Large_Oriental_Hoop_Studs Meet the Makers Large oriental hoop studs // £95

Do you run Annabelle Lucilla Hastings Jewellery full-time?

Most of the time, yes. I do a lot of design work for other people, and illustration work too.

Is this something you’ve always wanted to do?

Yup! I’ve always had a really strong idea about what I’ve wanted to do.

Do your friends ask you for jewellery all the time?

Ha, yeah…(laughs) It must be a really tricky situation to be in! Yes, but when it comes to birthdays I do always have an idea of what I want to give somebody. Do you ever want to keep some stuff for yourself? Oh yeah, definitely!

Annabelle Lucilla Hastings Jewellery tiny diamond stacking ring Meet the Makers interview Tiny diamond stacking ring in gold // £36

Where do you get your inspiration from?

This collection is called ‘Oriental Embodiment’ so a lot of inspiration is from ancient Greece and ancient India. I look at lots of Grecian forms, lots of Grecian and Indian decorations, and lots of Indian adornment as well. So a lot of my work is very full of articulation, lots of moving parts, lots of details and it’s all very decadent.

Are there any specific blogs, websites or magazines that you follow? Anything that you’d recommend particularly?

I love National Geographic, just because of all the interesting places and unusual surroundings they visit. It’s really inspiring and I get to see places that I’d love to go but I can’t – I take my holidays via images.

Annabelle Lucilla Hastings Jewellery Helios interview Meet the Makers Lantern charm hand chain // £90

Do you have a favourite piece?

I always wear the single oriental peacock necklace, just because it’s so easy to wear and it accessorises any outfit because it’s just so glam.

Thank you so much for your time Annabelle, it was great to meet you!

Annabelle Lucilla Hastings illustration Parrot print interview Meet the Makers One of Annabelle’s detailed illustrations

I left Annabelle’s stand feeling (as expected) in awe of the time and patience she puts into creating each unique piece, as well as wondering exactly how big the hints are I need to drop to my loved ones about what I want under the Christmas tree this year (subtle!). Most excitingly, Annabelle hinted that she would one day love to open her own shop – watch this space!

You can follow Annabelle Lucilla Jewellery on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and on her Instagram.

What piece of Annabelle Lucilla Jewellery would you most like to discover Dec. 25th?

(Images: via Annabelle Lucilla Jewellery)

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  1. That is cool!definitely know who I’d like to get one of those for for Christmas… Can I buy one online?

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