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Charlotte Filshie’s jewellery will floor you: Interview


Meet Charlotte. Charlotte makes amazing geometric jewellery from floor tiles (hence the hilarious title). But this stuff is way too good to walk all over. This interview is part 1 of a little focus I’m having this month on the agency Designers-Makers, who support designer-maker (surprise!) folks in many lovely ways, providing a platform to sell from, events to meet their customers at and help with running their own business. They have an awesome collection of makers on their site and I’m excited to introduce you to a few more, and if  you go online you can buy solid silver necklace online in case you’re looking for a gift for your loved ones. Anyway, onwards to meet Charlotte Filshie Jewellery! She’s pretty damn cool.

Charlotte Filshie Roxie necklace RC Roxie Necklace // £75 // Charlotte Filshie @ Designers Makers

Hi! Please can you introduce yourself and your work?

Hi! My name is Charlotte; I am from Australia and have been living in London for the last 9 months. I completed a Diploma in jewellery design and making in Australia and have been making jewellery on the side ever since.
My current work is made from textured wall-covering and vinyl, in the past I have used silver, copper, kitchen bench samples and leather.
I am drawn to anything Art Deco, geometric patterns and triangles. I love animals, the beach, pom poms and zigzags.

Your pieces are so unique – I’ve not seen anything made from the materials you use before! How did you start working with them?

When studying jewellery design, my favourite class was all about using alternative materials and creating functional jewellery – anything from paper to knitting needles to milk bottles and iPod headphones. I was given a pile of old samples from an Architecture firm (anything from kitchen bench samples, textured wall-covering, cork flooring, leather and even those bumps on the pavement to stop you slipping!). I started using these in my jewellery mixing the materials with metal, but when I moved to an apartment I didn’t have access to some tools and had to find a way to make jewellery without needing to solder, that’s when I started using the wall-covering backed with cork. When I moved to the UK I had to source new materials to put the wall-covering on as I ran out of cork. I found some brightly coloured vinyl floor tiles and now use them in my pieces.

Are there any particular blogs/magazines/makers you follow that you regularly go to when searching for inspiration?

I’m not a big blog follower but I do follow the blog A pair and a spare which is all about DIY and I love Frankie magazine. I follow so many designers and shops on instagram and facebook it’s too hard to pick a favourite!

Charlotte Filshie Evelyn earrings RC Evelyn earrings // £15 // Charlotte Filshie @ Designers Makers

What has been the a) biggest challenge and b) greatest moment so far since starting Charlotte Filshie?

My biggest challenge was finding time! When I was in Australia I was working full time and I found it really difficult to balance work and making jewellery. And my greatest moment would probably be being published in a book about leather jewellery.

Any advice for aspiring designer-makers?

My advice would be….never give up. Even if sales are low or you feel lost, keep trying and persevere.

And finally, for anyone who has ever wondered how on earth these creative types fit so much into their day, here is an AMAZING pie chart I created of Charlotte’s daily activities (not in a stalkery way). I know, so much information you’re being hit with here. Keep it together.

Charlotte Filshie pie chart MTM smaller Pie charts are fun! Especially when they show you how a designer-maker fills up their day, riiiight? I like her dedication to procrastination.

You can get a piece of Charlotte’s work over at the Designers Makers site, or check out her site, facebook, instagram and pinterest. There are cool Breaking Bad pieces available too…

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