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You know that time you went travelling and bought all those souvenirs which still adorn your home and everyone still comments on them even now? And then you never went travelling again and buy all your ‘ethnic’ homeware from Habitat/Ikea? Well, if you are still craving something a bit different for your home but the idea of travelling again fills you with fear (or at least your bank account trembles), then how does a subscription service that delivers products from all around the world to you sound? Good hey?! And this is where GlobeIn steps in. Similar in setup to Not Another Bill, GlobeIn is a company working internationally (and most importantly, ethically) with local artisans based around the world. Their website gives you the option of buying directly from the artisan as and when the need to shop takes over, whether it is jewellery from Kenya or a rug from Kyrgyzstan. Also, and this is what I love the most, it’s possible to start a subscription delivering surprises from artisans around the world each month. I signed up for December’s GlobeIn box and was really impressed and excited by my goodies.

GlobeIn Mexico basket Palm leaf woven basket from Oaxaca, Mexico

GlobeIn felt slippers Felted slippers from Kyrgyzstan

Asides from how chuffed I was to receive these gifts (from myself. Man, I’m generous), the part of the parcel which I most appreciated was the little postcards which came alongside each piece. These detail everything about your surprise, from the names and origin of the maker, to their inspirations and aspirations. Discovering that the basket from Mexico was created by ‘living national treasures’ Profiria and Margarita (matriarchs of Oaxaca’s basket-weaving community), and that Altyn Dyanshbaeva (creator of my new comfy slippers) is hoping to develop tourism in her home village of Kemin in Kyrgyzstan, genuinely makes you feel more connected with your gift. Personally, I was quick to wear my slippers at friend’s houses and share where I had got them from (as I did get some ‘what are THOSE?!’ questions!) and it certainly beats saying ‘Topshop’.

There are so many other great things about GlobeIn (including the chance for you to work with them as as Artisan Helper) but it’s probably best for you to just check them out yourself. The subscription service costs $29.99/month (including shipping) and you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (loads of travel inspiration) and the pretty awesome blog too.

Go shop the world! No, but really, you can.

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