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new blog inspire and enjoy inspiration for an independent life

If you’ve been wondering where Meet the Makers has gone, I’m now over at It’s been live a little while now but I’ve been slightly slow at updating over here – so apologies for anyone looking to see where I’d been!

Inspire and enjoy is still largely focusing on independent designer makers, but with a slightly larger net so I’m looking at the wider idea of what it means to live an independent life – really, anything that doesn’t fit into the preconceived notion of working 9-5 (…’what a way to make a living’). So far I’ve interviewed some really inspiring women and shared lots of tips for not following the crowd, as well as a few more personal posts too. Come on over and get inspired!

I’ll still be keeping Meet the Makers up and plan to use it as part of my profile. I’m slowly updating posts and recatogorising everything so it looks a bit prettier around here.

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