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Laura Gee is a Genius: Interview



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If you like animals, swearing and also deep thinking (!), then you need to discover Laura Gee, who I had a quick chat with at the Crafty Fox Fair in Peckham last month. Laura is super-duper talented and her website is a treasure trove of what the mind of an inspiring creative looks like. Not just about the sweary animals that she’s become so well known for, Laura has worked on tonnes of exciting projects and is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Laura Gee interview

Could you introduce yourself & your work please?

I’m Laura Gee, I’m an illustrator from London who makes slightly rude animals…

Which I love! Why the rude animals, what made you come up with it?

It was originally for an exhibition and they said ‘Behind the Scenes at a Circus’ and I thought all the animals would probably be quite angry, and the idea kind of expanded from there.

Laura Geen interview Haters gonna hate

I was looking through your website and I saw you’ve got a lot of other stuff which is a bit more serious which I also really enjoy. Where do you get your inspiration?

I have notebooks that I have with me a lot of the time. I just write like a visual diary and I choose images I like and make them into artwork. There’s lots of random thoughts basically. But there’s loads more I haven’t made into anything!

What’s a typical day like for you?

When I’m working in the studio, it’s normally doing wholesale orders and invoices, and then trying to make new work. And then, like, going to the post office!

So, do you do this full-time?

No, I work two days in a shop: Smug. It’s in Angel, in Camden Passage. Ah, how’s that then? It’s really good! They sell some of my work and they do lots of illustrations. Laura Gee introverted fun interview

How long have you been running Ooh My Gee?

I started selling things in September 2012 but I was illustrating for a long time. I did Illustration in Manchester and then started doing work properly last year.

Are there any other crafters/blogs/magazines that you use for inspiration? Or other people that you really like their work?

Ummm… (laughs) yeah, there are! I really like Tracey Emin’s work, she’s a really good artist. I don’t really follow blogs that much. It’s very time-consuming to be fair! Yeah. Facebook newsfeed has a lot of inspiration!

Laura Gee interview new friends

What are some of your favourite pieces that you create?

I like the newer things that I make. I did an exhibition last month at Lik Neon, this shop just off Brick Lane, of 3D objects, quite emotive imagery and I’m selling some of them today which is quite exciting, like my new work, it’s quite private. The funny stuff is easy and the things that are a bit more personal to me I prefer.

Do you find that you get into a bit more of a conversation with people when they’re buying stuff like that as well?

Yeah, and it’s also really nice to hear people relate it to their friends or their experiences. It’s quite nice to touch people through drawings.

What are your future plans?

Do more products, more exhibitions, and maybe 3D work – that’s what I want to do. And merge things together. That would be amazing. Yeah, I want to make these characters 3D and come to life a bit more.

Brilliant. You could animate them as well, could be fun! I’d like to see some animated animals saying ‘f*ck you!’

You can have a proper exploration of Laura’s work on her website, Facebook, Tweet her here and of COURSE her shop so you can get buying some nice new things for your home (not-offended-by-swearwords allowing).

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