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I’m so down with this year’s Comic Relief slogan, ‘Make your face funny for money‘. Now, I make my face funny every day for free without even trying, but that doesn’t support charity. Here’s something that does:

Comic Relief Crafternoon cover review Meet the Makers

Mollie Makes, magazine of craftery, and Red Nose Day, charity of hilarity, are encouraging you to run your own ‘crafternoon‘ in aid of March 13th’s annual funny event. ‘The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon* magazine is packed with projects to create and sell for charidee at your very own crafternoon. Think craft + cake + charity = time well spent. Of course, you may already be the type who can knock out a few tasteful knitted dog-jumpers (for example) with no hesitation, but for those in need of inspiration, there are a tonne of exciting projects in the magazine that are worth trying out. These are my faves:

Comic Relief Crafternoon crochet red nose magazine Red Nose Day nose

It’s a classic for a reason, and now you can crochet one too. By Little Conkers.

Leather heart craft Crafternoon magazine Leather ‘love’ heart brooch

Designed by the excellent Zoe Larkins of ‘Love from Hetty and Dave‘, this would have been a perfect make for Valentine’s Day. Oh well. You can make it and sell it a day other than February 14th, as I *think* it’s ok to buy heart-shaped stuff the rest of the year as well. (Shameless plug: Zoe was the first maker I interviewed & I spruced up our interview just the other day. Read it here).

marvellous moustache crafternoon magazine Marvellous moustache

I completely disagree that this makes your face funny as I think it makes your face AWESOME. Also, how good would it be for photo booths at summer weddings? By Flossie Teacake.

painted plates crafternoon Crafty Crockery

These plate designs come as templates in the back of the magazine. I’m especially taken with Oh no Rachio!‘s ‘Make Yourself Happy‘ illustration and plan to make this one myself soon. Whoop!

pastel pendants crafternoon Pastel Pendants

Simple but effective use of fimo. Remember fimo? I used to play with this stuff so much as a kid, and the joy of baking something you make is seriously satisfying too from what I remember. By Emma Mitchell.

With a guide to running a craft fair for first-timers and the truth that, ‘…cake is proven by top scientists to be the finest fuel for crafters’, I give ‘The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon‘ magazine two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Clueless enthusiastic thumbs up

Are you running a Comic Relief crafternoon? Let me know all about it in the comments you guys, I’m excited!

*Whilst crafternoon does indeed equal craft + afternoon, I’m almost certain that the time of day is negotiable.

(Images: Verity Inett)

P.S. Here is an excellent write-up of how the magazine came to be.

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