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Alice Tams, Birds in Hats | Interview


Birds in Hats cover photo

I definitely have a thing for illustration. Add in an animal in a costume and I’m officially in love. Which is why interviewing Alice Tams of Birds in Hats has been on my ‘hitlist’ for a while (in a non-assassination way). Alice’s love for animals in accessories has grown from a joke to a full-time designer-maker business and certainly makes for an inspiring read. I went to visit the ‘Birds in Hats’ creator at the ‘We Make London‘ pop-up in Kentish Town a few weeks ago, where I was really excited to catch Alice working on a new bird to live in the Little House Kitchen cafe there. Read on for some gems of wisdom regarding how to approach that tricky creativity vs. making money debate, her latest project as part of Studio Klubo, and what we can expect her newest animal obsession to be wearing next season… Read More


Mollie Makes + Comic Relief Crafternoon magazine


I’m so down with this year’s Comic Relief slogan, ‘Make your face funny for money‘. Now, I make my face funny every day for free without even trying, but that doesn’t support charity. Here’s something that does:

Comic Relief Crafternoon cover review Meet the Makers

Mollie Makes, magazine of craftery, and Red Nose Day, charity of hilarity, are encouraging you to run your own ‘crafternoon‘ in aid of March 13th’s annual funny event. ‘The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon* magazine is packed with projects to create and sell for charidee at your very own crafternoon. Think craft + cake + charity = time well spent. Of course, you may already be the type who can knock out a few tasteful knitted dog-jumpers (for example) with no hesitation, but for those in need of inspiration, there are a tonne of exciting projects in the magazine that are worth trying out. These are my faves: Read More


Designers/Makers design and craft agency


Are you a newbie maker unsure how to get your business off the ground? Or perhaps you’re more established but are struggling to figure out the best way to meet customers? It’s times like these you need a mentor, a ‘maker mentor‘ if you will (I just made that up but I love it). And guess what? I can tell you all about a company that has been set up to help creatives just like you, yay! You may have seen me mention Designers/Makers before – I ran a 4 part feature on their designers back in the Spring ( click here to catch up). Run by Sophie Rees, D/M is an ‘international agency and online shop for contemporary design and craft.‘ Fancy. But what can they do for you? Let’s find out…

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Tips for visiting craft fairs



tips for visiting craft fairs meet the makers

As a Meet the Makers reader, we can all already agree that buying from independent makers is the way forwards in life. There are of course some amazing online stores to make your purchases, but visiting craft fairs is even better! A whole day of being surrounded by incredible makers and their handmade wares, the opportunity to talk to said makers and walk away at the end of the day knowing you have purchased something worthwhile and unique sure as heck beats a trip to Oxford Street in the rain (urgh). Having been to a fair or two in my time, most recently the Renegade Craft Fair in New York, here are a few things I’ve learnt that can help you get the most out of your craft fair visit: Read More

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*!?*! Pardon my French: interview with New Zealand fashion designer

My first love has always been fashion. From collecting ‘Vogue’ to working in the PR side of it for a while, my need to be surrounded by beautiful, creative things is what has led me to the designer-makers of Meet the Makers. So having my very first interview with a fashion designer on the blog is a real honour. Saying that, I can’t actually take any credit for it! My lovely friend Hannah (who interviewed Piccadehli) got in touch with her old school friend Lucy Kemp, a now up and coming designer in New Zealand – the other side of the world no less! Pardon My French is Lucy’s own label and has shown at New Zealand Fashion Week for the first time this year. Can you even begin to imagine how exciting that is?! Read on for how a girl from Suffolk created a New Zealand fashion line, the reality of things to consider before starting your own business (hint: travel now) and travelling tips (well, you never know next time you’ll be in NZ)…
Pardon My French Interview Meet the Makers New Zealand fashion

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