Wallpaper screenprinting workshop with Daniel Heath


Daniel Heath wallpaper screenprinted Blackhorse Workshop Walthamstow I recently interviewed Daniel Heath for the next issue of The Holborn (out November). Daniel is a textile designer who handprints stunning wallpapers featuring gorgeous colour combinations. His prints feature beautifully illustrated circus animals and big-tops, whilst his newer work is all about striking geometric patterns. Daniel Heath screenprinted wallpaper workshop at Blackhorse Workshop

Daniel Heath wallpaper printing workshop Blackhorse Workshop Walthamstow I visited him at his workshop in Walthamstow and loved seeing a new roll of paper being experimented with. Daniel’s work also expands to delightful cushions, plus incredible etched mirrors and furniture. The time and patience that is put into his work is staggering and I was super jealous of his talent (as I am with all people I interview).

Daniel Heath wallpaper printing workshop Blackhorse workshop Daniel Heath Wallpaper printing workshop

Daniel also runs workshops to teach you how to screenprint your own wallpaper. £100 for 6 hours worth of tuition + at least 3m of your very own original wallpaper Рas designed by you Рsounds very, veeeeery tempting to me. Check out this link for more info on the workshop (starting Sept. 26th) and this link for more info on Daniel himself.

Blackhorse workshop Walthamstow

All images c/o Verity Inett

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